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Pond Leak Detection

Chances are very good that if your koi pond was built by a Qualified Pond Contractor, you won’t be visiting this page very often. However, what about ponds that were built by someone else? Do you have a koi pond that was built by a Media, Middletown & Delaware County, PA area landscaper, or a handyman, or even a pond contractor that is no longer in business? Or perhaps you built your own pond, and it is just not performing the way you had hoped. We can help you with that! Call us for pricing and to get started on fixing up your water feature!

Delco Ponds & WaterScapes has years of experience in troubleshooting and repairing all kinds of pond and water feature problems. We have seen it all, and there is next to no problem we can't diagnose or fix. If you need a pond repair or any other repair of a water feature – you've come to the right place.

Koi Pond, Waterfall & Water Garden Repair/Leak Detection

If you notice you have to add water on a daily basis, or hear the "hissing" of your water fill valve constantly running, (after properly setting the water level) you may have a leak, most of which occurs along the perimeter of the waterfall and stream. These leaks are generally due to the ground settling, around your Media, Middletown & Delaware County, PA surrounding area new installation, which causes the water to trickle over the edge of the liner. These leaks can be easily fixed.

• Check the perimeter of the pond, waterfall, and stream for any areas that are wet. This is usually a good indicator that water is leaking over the liner.

• Check to make sure any slow moving sections of the stream/waterfall have not become obstructed by leaves, plants, or other debris. This can cause the water to back up and leak over the edge of the liner.

• Once you have found the leak, pack additional soil under the liner to raise the edge above the water level. Hide the exposed liner by replacing the gravel and adding mulch.

• If you have plants growing in your waterfall filter, it is common for their growth to displace the water, causing it to flow over the back side of the filter. Simply remove enough of the plants to lower the water level.

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